Since 2015, we have led the effort to increase consistency in hospital practice at time of birth to identify and respond to prenatal substance exposure with the support of the Colorado SEN Steering Committee, Illuminate Colorado, and the Colorado Department of Human Services.


Our Goal

The Colorado Hospital Substance Exposed Newborns (CHoSEN) Collaborative aims to increase consistency in implementation of best practice approaches in the identification of and response to newborns prenatally exposed to substances at the time of birth across Colorado.

our methods

The CHoSEN Collaborative is working towards our goal by:

  • Implementing recommendations that improve maternal and/or child outcomes, including but not limited to using structured quality improvement methods and sharing of data and practices

  • Identifying additional recommendations for practice and policy

  • Engaging birth hospitals across the state in education related to prenatal substance exposure

Learn more about our Education Track and Quality Improvement Track here.

Our current Hospital members